Confidence is essential to enjoying your life and becoming everything God created you to be. However, your confidence and self-worth don’t come from other people, a title, the way you look, or anything you can do. True confidence comes from discovering your tremendous worth and value in Christ!

God loves you, and He desires for you to truly love yourself—your personality, your gifts and talents, your “quirks”…everything.

So, are you ready for a confidence boost? Joyce has put together 14 special lessons from God’s Word to help you build a healthy self-image, overcome fears and weaknesses, and see yourself the way He sees you—as a special, loved, child of God.

Each week, you’ll receive a special email from Joyce, including:


Knowing what God says about you is the key to confidence! Each week, Joyce shares foundational scriptures that literally changed her life—scriptures that will help you approach life with boldness and confidence in Christ.


Joyce offers simple but powerful action items to help you apply God’s Word to your life in a practical way and boost your confidence all week long.


In addition to Joyce’s teachings, you’ll enjoy inspirational quotes and powerful anecdotes from well-known historical figures and men and women of faith.

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