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Quoting Joyce & Copying Content

In general, we ask you not to do this. The sales of Joyce’s books and teachings directly fund worldwide ministry and humanitarian efforts and are vital to our continued impact.

We do realize there are a few exceptions to this rule:

If your request pertains to a book published by Hachette Book Group, contact them directly using the information on the copyright page.

Other requests involving church, ministry, humanitarian or other outreach organizations are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at info@joycemeyer.org for help in these situations.

Maybe. Generally speaking, standard copyright laws say…

If you are using a brief quote in a personal or private project—such as a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or something you’re printing for friends and family—there’s no need to obtain official permission. We simply ask that you present Joyce’s statements accurately and give her credit.

If you are planning to publish a project that will be distributed publicly, follow the guidelines required by your publisher.

For any content you want to quote from a book Joyce has written that is published by Hachette Book Group, please contact them directly. The information to do this is noted on the copyright page of the book.

All information and or content provided by Joyce Meyer Ministries' website is protected by copyright laws and is owned by Joyce Meyer Ministries. This information and or content includes, but is not limited to, graphics, images, photographs, audio clips, video clips, text, articles, and the Joyce Meyer Ministries logo, which is a registered trademark of Joyce Meyer Ministries.