The Best Day Ever 7-day study is written by Joyce in a fun and kid-friendly way and is intended for you and your children to read together.

Joyce teaches on a range of topics that affect kids in their daily lives. Your children will learn how to battle fear and worry, receive God’s unconditional love, choose healthy thoughts and words, find the courage to step out and try new things, and so much more. You may be surprised to learn how much of God’s Word they already know...and how much you will both learn and apply to your daily lives!

Teaching your children about God is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. So, sign up today and equip them with everything they need to have the best day ever!

Through this Bible study, you will receive:


Each day, Joyce shares a special scripture for you and your kids to think about and discuss together.


Each devotional concludes with special prayers tailored for you and your children.


You will receive a daily email to help you get started with the next great devotional from Joyce—one that’s designed to help you and your children apply God’s Word to your lives.


You said you want more? You got it! We have selected additional articles and videos by Joyce that will provide additional insight into each day’s topic.

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