Every day you make choices.

The question is: Are your choices making you the best you can be? If you want to make some improvements in your decision-making (did I hear an “Amen!”), give yourself 31 days in Proverbs and see how much better life can be.

Through this 31-day Bible study, you will receive...


Daily messages to get you started with the words of wisdom in each of the 31 teachings. Just click on the link, and experience the chapter of Proverbs for that day.


There’s a chapter of Proverbs for you to read each day of the study, along with a specific verse or two that the teaching digs into. You’ll uncover gems of wisdom that make a life-changing difference in all 31 chapters of Proverbs!


At the end of each teaching, the Go Deeper in God’s Word and Walk in Wisdom sections will help you dig into the teaching and discover how it applies to your life. This is the key to actually experiencing God’s promises in Proverbs.

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