Limited Time Offer - Battlefield of the Mind

Do you want to study the Bible, but just don’t know where to start? It may seem intimidating, but it’s actually easier than you think. Joyce Meyer has studied the Bible for more than 40 years and wants to walk you through this exciting 30 day plan, complete with two DVD teachings. This resource will help you open the door to God’s power in your life, through studying the Bible!


For your donation of $20 or More
The 3030 Challenge

  • 2 video teachings
  • 30-day devotional
For your donation of $39 or More
A 30-Day Study of God's Word

  • Enjoying Everyday Life Bible
  • The 3030 Challenge




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Fair Value:
The 3030 Challenge: 
2 teachings on DVD; 30 day devotional – $22 in U.S. Funds.
A 30-Day Study of God's Word:  The Enjoying Everyday Life Bible (paperback);  The 3030 Challenge – $29 in U.S. Funds.

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