Resource Table Volunteer

THANK YOU for volunteering—these events couldn’t happen without you! We have you signed up to serve at an upcoming Joyce Meyer Ministries Conference.

You have been selected to serve as a RESOURCE TABLE VOLUNTEER! Please read through this page carefully and contact us with any questions. Check out the schedule below for your check-in times:

4:15 pm — Volunteer training (all must attend)

After volunteer training duties begin for evening session

9:00-9:30 pm — Duties resume after session

7:45am — Check-in for morning session

11:30am — Duties Resume (taking turns to eat lunch, and shop with vouchers)

1:30-3:00pm — Afternoon Session

3:00-3:30pm — Duties Resume

We will show you to your two reserved seats during Volunteer Training.

Volunteer Perks

As a volunteer, you will receive...




Resource Table Volunteer Description

Our resource table volunteers should be friendly and energetic! They should be able to attend to customers quickly and calmly to ensure all guests feel individually valued, and not rushed. Our tables are open before and after each session, but are closed during sessions so our volunteers can enjoy the worship and teaching.

  • Sign in! Print your initials on our sign-in sheet each time you arrive for duty.

  • Restock items as needed in your assigned area.

  • Offer guests shopping baskets if they are purchasing several resources.

  • Volunteers are NOT responsible for receiving payments for resources.

  • You will receive a price list for our resources to help you answer questions during the conference. Use it as your master list, as table signs may be misplaced or moved to incorrect locations.

  • Conference Specials vary at each conference and apply only to that conference. Any specials offered through the mail, TV or radio must be ordered through the JMM website or office. They are NOT offered at our resource tables.

  • There will be boxes behind the resource table for lost & found items, resources returned as defective, and any gifts for Dave and Joyce.

  • If anyone requests special prayer or assistance, ask a JMM staff member to help them so that you can quickly return to your duties.

You will be on duty before each conference session, and for 30 minutes following each session.

You will receive two reserved seats, for yourself and a guest. To ensure your seats stay reserved, we suggest placing a notebook or something of little value on each seat. JMM is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Hebrews 6:10