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Statement in Response to US Senate Finance Committee

- by Joyce Meyer Ministries 2 MIN READ
Joyce Meyer Ministries
January 6, 2011 

January 6, 2011 Investigation Report Release
Attribution to Delanie Trusty, Chief Financial Officer, Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries is pleased to receive further testament and confirmation to its long-standing commitment to financial transparency and integrity as evidenced through today's investigation report release by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee.

Since its inception, Joyce Meyer Ministries has placed the highest premium on being responsible and good stewards over the funds and resources entrusted to the ministry by our partners and friends. Under the legacy mandate and example set by our founders, Joyce Meyer Ministries takes great pride in consistently operating with the highest standards of excellence, ethics and integrity routinely going above and beyond what is required by law to reflect our high transparency standards.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to impact lives around the world by sharing the universal love of God and providing life-changing global humanitarian assistance. Deliberate in our intent to make a difference in people's lives, annually, more than 80 percent of total operating expenses (83 percent in 2010) are used directly on core outreaches and programs to reach millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and meet the physical needs of underprivileged children and families worldwide. Each year, this includes providing millions of meals, free medical care to thousands, building children's homes and battered women shelters, robust prison ministries and providing a host of other disaster, missions and humanitarian aid.

We invite and encourage anyone wishing to learn more about the ministry and the life-changing work we do around the world to visit our website. In addition to viewing our most recent annual report, additional information about our finances and transparency efforts are available in the financial accountability section of our website.