She Is Precious in His Sight

Joyce Meyer shares her heart about Project GRL and two stories about two girls and a beautiful outcome.

Joyce Meyer
She Is Precious In His Sight
How Project GRL Is Fighting for Women and Girls Everywhere

Have you ever felt less than? Like you'll never be good enough? If you have ever questioned your worth and value or wondered if anyone could ever truly love you for who you are, please know, you aren't alone.

Because of the horrifying abuse I suffered throughout my childhood and teenage years, I am very familiar with the pain of rejection and the feeling of worthlessness. However, I also know the power of God and the love of Jesus. He healed my broken heart and gave me beauty for ashes (see Isaiah 61:3).

This is why I am so passionate about an outreach we started called Project GRL. Our mission is simple. We are fighting for women and girls to know their worth and value—those who have been mistreated or made to feel inadequate simply because they were born a girl-and showing them they are loved and highly esteemed by God. We are Guiding her to truth, Restoring her sense of worth, and Loving her as God's daughter.

Through this outreach of Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions, we are providing clean water, nutritious meals, education, safe environments, and restoration from the horrors of human trafficking. And most importantly, we're sharing with women and girls all around the world just how precious they are to Jesus. And, in turn, they are finding life-changing hope in Him.

I want to share the beautiful stories of two of the girls we have helped through Project GRL. As you read, I pray you're inspired to fight for girls together with us.


Two Girls, Two Stories-One Beautiful Outcome

One avenue we use to accomplish our mission of equipping women and girls everywhere with the hope only found in Jesus is through partnering with other organizations like Reaching a Generation, who understand the specific needs of women in their region. Together we have built five wonderful places called Imagine Hope Centers throughout Zambia, where girls are taught job skills that will help them earn a living and rescue them from unimaginable horrors.

You see, in Zambia, where many girls are sold into marriage as soon as they reach puberty, it's very difficult to be a girl.

Once married, she might be the third or fourth wife and might be taken far from anything familiar. She will likely suffer abuse, and she definitely won't receive an education.

But we are providing an alternative through our Imagine Hope Centers, and one girl we were privileged to help was 15-year-old Likumbi.

Likumbi's parents divorced when she was very young, and she hadn't seen her father in years. Even with her mother's support, there wasn't enough money to send her to school past the ninth grade.

Everything changed when God opened a door for her to attend one of our Imagine Hope Centers. Instead of being forced into marriage, Likumbi thrived at the center, concentrating on her studies and keeping her focus on God.

"Thank you for everything," Lukumbi said. "You took my shame and turned it into joy."

Another beautiful example was 17-year-old Sitali, who was born in the Zambian village of Songa. Because her parents couldn't care for her, she went to live with her aunt.

But this was not a good situation for Sitali either. She basically became her aunt's slave. She was forced to pay for her own education, and though she worked seasonally as a maid, she couldn't make ends meet and was faced with quitting school altogether. But God had a better plan.

Sitali came to one of our Imagine Hope Centers, where she received an education, learned to crochet and cook, as well as how to start a business. She studied God's Word and plans to spread the Good News to everyone who will listen. In Sitali's words, "Thank you! May God bless you and keep you so that you can help many other people!"

These stories of two precious girls are just a couple beautiful examples of what Project GRL is doing in Zambia, and all around the world.

We don't want to leave one hurting girl in her situation. Will you help us fight for girls? To learn more, visit: Project GRL