Be a Good Example

Joyce Meyer – Sep 11, 2023
Eyeglasses sitting on an open Bible ready for reading a daily devotional.

Adapted from Wake Up to the Word

…We will tell to the generation to come the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, and His might, and the wonderful works that He has performed.

As a child of God, His Spirit dwells in you, and all that He is, is available to you through faith in Him. You can know God and have intimate fellowship with Him. You can live a life that will leave a legacy of faith in Him for others.

God loves you, and He has created you in a unique and special way. No one can do what you can do, exactly the way you can do it. God wants you to learn to make the most of every moment in your life and to have a good influence on the next generation.

If you make good choices in life, it will enable you not only to enjoy your own life but to be a great example for those who are younger than you. The apostle Paul was a great example to his spiritual son Timothy, and he enjoyed seeing him serve God and do mighty things.

As you invest in others, your own life will be much richer and more rewarding.

Prayer of the Day: Father, help me to make good choices in life and be a good and positive example to the people around me. Thank You, amen.