A woman and daughter select food off a store's shelf

Stories: Full Tables & Full Hearts

- by Hand of Hope
"Families have to sell their food stamps just to pay the light bill. This food pantry helps out a lot." –Mark Williams

A long line of people formed down Margaretta Avenue. It was the end of the month—a time when so many in North St. Louis are struggling to make ends meet.

In just a few minutes, the doors would open to the St. Louis Dream Center food pantry—what Pastor Tony Gilmore calls a “lifeline” for families who are simply trying to put food on their table and stretch their money as far as they possibly can.

This food pantry is just one of the many ways you are meeting critical needs and sharing the hope of Christ at the St. Louis Dream Center church, an outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

You Are Bridging the Gap

Local resident Mark Williams is someone who knows all too well about stretching his dollars. “Families get food stamps, but sometimes they have to sell their food stamps just to pay the light bill,” he said. “That leaves them in a bad spot, and this food pantry helps out a lot. It helps mentally knowing it’s here.”

Since its opening in 2001, the Dream Center food pantry has been a major support for this community, and its recent expansion means you are helping even more people…like Shandra and her daughters, Gabriella and Desiree.

As Shandra pushed her cart, the kids scanned the shelves and picked out the items on their list. They discovered the food pantry a couple years ago and are grateful to have this option as a last resort.

“We come usually at the end of the month,” Shanda said. “Because when we get low, it comes in handy, every little bit. The Dream Center helps out a lot around here. When you can’t do it, they really come through.”

You’re Bringing More People to the Table

More than 200 families shop here each week free of charge. That means about 4,500 meals are served on dinner tables throughout the neighborhood—meals they normally would have gone without.

They say food brings people together, and in this case it’s true. This outreach is helping to bridge the gap and provide for the community’s most basic needs. Thanks to you, all around North St. Louis, there are full tables and full hearts.

Hand of Hope