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marzo 26, 2023

Adjustments - Part 1

Mar 26, 2023: God's Word teaches us how to live and the Holy spirit gives us the strength to do what it says. Joyce shares one lesson that will make a big difference in your life!

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marzo 27, 2023

Less of Me - More of God - Part 1

Mar 27, 2023: True freedom is found when we focus more on Jesus, and less on ourselves. Discover what it means to be fully filled with God and His amazing power.

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marzo 28, 2023

Less of Me - More of God - Part 2

Mar 28, 2023: Do you want to experience real freedom in your life? Today, Joyce shares what it means to truly know Jesus, not just know of Him!

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marzo 29, 2023


Mar 29, 2023: Prayer has amazing benefits! Be encouraged to pray throughout each day as Joyce shares testimonies and scriptures that reveal the power and purposes of prayer.

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marzo 30, 2023

When God Doesn't Pick You - Part 1

Mar 30, 2023: Have you ever struggled with jealousy? Learn how to live free from envy and focus on the good things God has planned for your life.

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marzo 31, 2023

When God Doesn't Pick You - Part 2

Mar 31, 2023: God wants you to be free of all insecurity. Today, Joyce shares stories from Scripture to help you more fully appreciate God's plan for your life.

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abril 1, 2023

Exposing & Eliminating Strife - Part 1

Apr 1, 2023: Once you realize the importance of peace, you'll do whatever it takes to keep it. Today, Joyce discusses the damaging effects of allowing strife to steal your peace.

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