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diciembre 4, 2022

What Is Love – Part 2

If we love the way God loves, we'll love others when there's nothing in it for us. Be encouraged by scriptures and stories about the importance of walking in love.

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diciembre 5, 2022

Thoughts and Words - Part 1

Can your thoughts and words really make a difference in your life? Discover the truth as Joyce explains the importance of our thoughts and words and the various ways they impact our lives.

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diciembre 6, 2022

Thoughts and Words - Part 2

Do you believe what the Word of God says about you? Today, Joyce shares the rewards that are gained when we renew our thoughts and the way we talk.

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diciembre 7, 2022

What Do You Think of Yourself? - Part 1

Are the thoughts you think about yourself positive and in line with God's Word? Today, Joyce shares how to upgrade the way you think about YOU!

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diciembre 8, 2022

What Do You Think of Yourself? - Part 2

Ever find yourself focusing on all the things you do wrong? Learn to love yourself and think about yourself the way God does.

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diciembre 9, 2022

Thoughts, Words & Health - Part 1

Today, Joyce shares how our thoughts and words can affect our health. Learn how to think and talk…healthier!

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diciembre 10, 2022

What Is Love – Part 3

Real love is not just talk, it's action. Learn how to step out boldly in faith, and affect other people's lives with the love of Jesus. Trust God and do good!

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