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junio 19, 2022

It's Time for an Upgrade - Part 2

Don't live one more day with a wounded soul. Learn how to let go of the past and step into a new life…healed, whole and free.

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junio 20, 2022

Leaving “The Crowd” - Part 1

Is God leading you away from "the crowd" you hang out with? Be encouraged to follow Him whatever the cost.

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junio 21, 2022

Leaving “The Crowd” - Part 2

It's not easy to serve God when others aren't encouraging you. But are you willing to do whatever it takes to grow?

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junio 22, 2022

Thoughts on Generosity

You don't need money to be generous. Learn what it means to have a generous spirit and start sharing more of God's love with others!

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junio 23, 2022

Colossians - Part 1

Go deeper in God's Word with Joyce! Her study of Colossians will help you discover who you are in Christ and how much He loves you.

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junio 24, 2022

Colossians - Part 2

What does it mean to be consecrated or "set apart" to Christ? Learn as Joyce continues her Bible study on the book of Colossians.

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junio 25, 2022

The Painless Path

Why go through life wounded on the inside? Find the courage within to face your pain, receive healing from God, and go on enjoying your life!

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