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Resist the Devil and He Will Flee Part 2

marzo 23, 2020

How to Have Successful Relationships

People are so different from one another, but God's Word tells us how we can live in harmony. Learn practical ways to treat others well.

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marzo 24, 2020

The Armor of Righteousness Part 1

God's Word is the cure for overcoming negative thoughts about yourself. Learn why you can speak God's Word with authority!

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marzo 25, 2020

The Armor of Righteousness Part 2

God wants to help you let go of past hurts, guilt and shame, and embrace Christ's gift of righteousness. Discover who you are in Christ!

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marzo 26, 2020

Resist the Devil and He Will Flee Part 1

Living by Christ's example allows us to experience the supernatural power and blessing of God. Discover the power of Christ in you!

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marzo 27, 2020

Resist the Devil and He Will Flee Part 2

God's plans for you are greater than you know! Today, Joyce talks about the promises of God and how to get to where He's leading you.

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