Share Her Worth this Christmas


You inspired a gift of love to help provide clean, refreshing water to families in need, bringing along with it health, safety and the life-changing message of Christ.

You see, a community well does so much more than provide clean water. Women no longer have to walk the dangerous road to the closest water source. Children no longer have to drink dirty, parasite–infested water and can thrive physically. The well also becomes a place for the community to gather together and learn about the love of Christ firsthand.

Share Water this Christmas

Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, has been working in some of the most remote places in the world for years, establishing more than 1,000 of these clean water wells. And through gifts like the one made in your name, more wells can be dug…and more families helped.

Here’s what is currently happening around the world through water relief:

1,003 wells wells dug
616 churches established with a well
27 countries served

Joyce Meyer Ministries | Hand of Hope | ECFA