Joyce Meyer

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God has so much to say to us in His Word, but it seems many of us are just scratching the surface of the wisdom He offers.

In these biblical study books, Joyce will help you get a more in-depth insight of the Bible, and you’ll be amazed by how practical it is for your everyday life. You’ll also find her approach makes it easy to understand key biblical principles that you may have overlooked before.

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"My acquaintance with Joyce Meyer gives me a ready reason to commend any facet of her ministry. Her godliness as a woman, graciousness of style and ministry, as well as her thorough manner of study in God’s word has benefited multitudes through the years. Her new biblical commentary, Deeper Life Series, will afford a reservoir of wisdom distilled via a trustworthy and scholarly approach in interpretation and exposition. I am sure generations to come will greatly benefit by this resource."

– Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor Emeritus The King’s University Southlake, Texas

"Joyce Meyer is an amazing woman and one of the most practical, helpful and down–to–earth Bible teachers of our time. I am invariably blessed when I listen to her. And her new series demonstrates that she writes as interestingly and beautifully as when she speaks. You will be gripped as you read what is in this book. Joyce's ability to apply truth to where people are in their daily lives is often sealed with a touch of brilliance.

"Caution: be prepared for your life to change after you read these commentaries."

– R. T. Kendall