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In 1995, Joyce wrote Battlefield of the Mind…and God has used this book to help countless people renew their minds through His Word all over the world. Join us in celebrating 25 years of overcoming worry, doubt, and confusion with the life-transforming truth of God’s Word.

God can help you win your battles! Share your copy of Battlefield of the Mind with a friend or purchase a new copy to give away.

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It’s a book she still reads and reflects on, but never imagined the response it would draw from readers or the global impact it would have.

Check out these Battlefield of the Mind-related teachings to help you keep your mind continually renewed in God’s Word!

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Yong from China 9



Yong spent 10 years working “underground,” spreading the Gospel in China. He went from place to place, sleeping under bridges at night, far from his family. And he told us God used Battlefield of the Mind to help him learn how to manage his emotions.

“When I was on the run and I had to start from scratch (moving from location to location to share the Gospel), I was very discouraged,” Yong said. “I prayed, and I used the material and…I got victory over the emotional ups and downs.”

Yong didn’t give up! He fought back with God’s Word and continued his mission.

“We would go where we knew the Gospel had not been shared,” he said. And he saw about 100,000 people come to know the Lord!

Samar from Israel 6



Samar was frustrated with her son and worried she was failing as a mother when she came to our Arabic Facebook page for help. Her son was constantly getting into trouble in school and she didn’t know how to help him. But God used one of Joyce’s teachings to encourage her!

Samar watched a video where Joyce shared how her youngest son had a hard time learning the conventional way, and that all of her worrying was a waste of time because God had a good plan for his life.

“Her words gave me a push to go on,” Samar said. She later purchased a copy of Battlefield of the Mind, which reinforced the teaching she heard and became her favorite book. God used it to teach her how to renew her mind through His Word.

Beatrice from Switzerland 5



Many people around the world have received their copy of Battlefield of the Mind secondhand, and Beatrice is one of them. She shared her story with us at Joyce’s 2009 conference in Basel, Switzerland.

God and faith weren’t a big part of Beatrice’s life until she began corresponding with a death row inmate in 2006. He’d become a Christian while incarcerated and wanted her to have two books that had given him hope: Beauty for Ashes and Battlefield of the Mind, which he’d received from the Joyce Meyer Ministries prison outreach team.

Those secondhand books traveled more than 4,000 miles, from a Pennsylvania prison to Beatrice in Switzerland…and they opened the door for her to come to Christ and grow in her relationship with the Lord. It was at our conference in Switzerland that Beatrice made a public confession of her faith!

Teens from Russia 8

Incarcerated Teens


In January 2015, we had a special opportunity to share Christ with more than 300 incarcerated teenagers in Russia. Some of these young people were serving long sentences for offenses like theft, murder and organized crime. Others had short-term sentences for petty offenses. All of them were given a copy of Battlefield of the Mind for Teens—and 29 of them gave their lives to the Lord!

“When we have the opportunity, we like to do (church) services inside the prisons,” says Hand of Hope prison outreach supervisor Roy Lormis. “And I usually try to bring a message about our thoughts because if we change our thoughts, we literally will change our world.”

In Battlefield of the Mind, Lormis says, “Joyce shares things she’s learned over the years that have caused her not to remain a victim but to become a victor. Not to sit back and think: Well, I can’t overcome this problem. But to think: I’m more than a conquer. I can be the person that God has called me to be. I just have to make that decision.”

To date, more than 3.5 million gift bags have been given to incarcerated people worldwide. Many of them contained a free copy of Battlefield of the Mind.

Ana Maria from El Salvador 2

Ana Maria

El Salvador

Ana Maria lives in a part of El Salvador where gang violence is a continual threat. Her son was about to become a gang member when God changed the course of his life.

Ana Maria prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior after receiving treatment for stress-induced headaches at a Hand of Hope medical/dental outreach. All of a sudden, she felt peaceful and her pain was relieved!

Later that day, she began to read the book she’d been given: Battlefield of the Mind. Ana Maria quickly discovered that she had authority over the enemy—and she began to cover her son in prayer. Her son was one step away from full gang membership when he received the Lord!

When gang members showed up at Ana Maria’s door to claim him, she told them, “He belongs to Jesus now.” The following day, she told them again, “He belongs to Jesus.” Without saying a word, they left…and they have never been back!

Yodalis from Cuba 3

Yodalis Santiago


Joyce receives letters from around the world. This one is from a friend in Cuba.

Hello Joyce Meyer,

I am Yodalis Santiago from Cuba and I am writing to you to share that we are so blessed by the books Kathleen gave us during her missions trip to our country this year.

In Cuba we do not have Christian literature. About 8 years ago we started receiving Joyce’s books from friends who came as missionaries.

I feel honored that God gave me the opportunity to have a library of Christian literature. I open the library three times during the week because many people here like to read Christian books. Christians and non-Christians are coming, and many ask if we have your books.

In our women’s Bible study group, the first book of yours that we read was Battlefield of the Mind. Personally, I confess that this book was wonderful, and many people changed their way of thinking because of it.

I have told you this so that you have some idea of the blessing that your books are having in my community.

God bless you, your family and ministry.

Yodalis Santiago

Eve from Kenya 7



Eve works as a pastor in Nairobi, Kenya. When she discovered Battlefield of the Mind, she had just finished college and was anxious and worried about her next steps in life.

“I read that book a long time ago, but the principles have stayed with me,” Eve said. “I’ve learned to be watchful and pay attention to my thoughts…What am I watching? What am I listening to? What am I reading? Because then that has a profound effect. It stays with you.”

“What changed after reading that book is that I started becoming much more rested…much more peaceful in how I operate,” Eve said. “It didn’t happen overnight, but genuinely, that peace became real to me and that sense of a grounded mind in Christ became real to me.”

Over the years, Eve has learned to stand still in life’s storms and trust God to fight for her. “If everything doesn’t happen on my to-do list, it’s okay.” she said, smiling. “I (used to have) all these lists, all these budgets. And nowadays, I look at them and I say, “Lord, have Your way…If it works out, fine. If it doesn’t work out, it seems like You have a better plan.”

Grace House in Peru 4

Casa Gracia


Casa Gracia (or Grace House) in Lima, Peru, offers free spiritual support for women overcoming emotional and physical abuse, addictions, and eating disorders. It’s one of many ministries that offers Joyce’s books and resources to those in their care.

“A big one (we use) is Battlefield of the Mind,” director Jenna Infantas said. “To realize (how) to protect your mind and to protect the mouth, what comes out of it.”

“We give (the women) Joyce Meyer's book through their counseling and also (in the) classroom. They watch her on video, and they have made some incredible choices because of the principles she teaches,” Jenna said.

Dan and Linda 1

Dan & Linda

United States

“Congratulations on the 25th Anniversary of the book the Battlefield of the Mind,” wrote Dan from Louisville, Kentucky. He and his wife, Linda, have been partners with Joyce Meyer Ministries for over 20 years!

“This book changed my life forever with my walk with God and the beginning of a happier life,” Dan wrote. “(It) taught me proper spiritual warfare and how to defend my mind against attacks of the demonic realm…. As I learned to capture my thoughts moment by moment I began to hear God speak to my mind more clearly.”

One day, God led Dan to share Deuteronomy 30:11-19 with a young woman in church. In part, it says …I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live (NIV). “That teenage girl was going to have an abortion,” wrote Dan, “but God used me to reach out to her and she chose to have and keep the baby.”

Another time, God told Dan to give a man Joyce’s teachings on depression, and Christ’s gift of righteousness. “This husband and father was on the verge of committing suicide,” Dan wrote, “and your (teachings) changed his mind and saved his life.”

Since 1998, Dan and Linda have given away more than 300 copies of Battlefield of the Mind to family, friends and many others. With the leadership of the Holy Spirit and their minds renewed in God’s Word, they are able to help and encourage the people around them each day.


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“There is a war going on, and your mind is the battlefield. But the good news is that God is fighting on your side.”

AJ Gonzalez

God used Joyce’s book to help give AJ Gonzalez the second chance he never thought he’d see.

Ron Rudman

After searching for answers everywhere, Ron Rudman—and his whole family—found Christ.

Julia Jakus

Jesus set Julia Jakus free from the pain of depression, addiction, abandonment and abuse.

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