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At only 14 years old, many of Charity’s friends are already married. “They are suffering,” she said. “Myself, I was afraid to be married too young.”

There are many places around the world where it’s incredibly difficult to be a girl. One of those areas is found deep in the bush in Zambia, where young girls are sold into marriage as soon as they reach puberty.

Once married, the girl may be the third or fourth wife…she may be taken to an area far from anything familiar…she may suffer from horrible abuse…and she will certainly never receive an education. Read the full story

Women Pouring Water Women Pouring Water

locations where girls received educational opportunities


rescue homes provided safe shelter for women around the globe


at-risk women and girls received assistance

the lens
“As a woman and a mother, I can’t help but have my heart broken by the things I see. But what gets me through is knowing the impact we’re able to have on these girls’ lives. They are much more than a number or an initiative—these are sweet, precious lives that Christ loves so much.”
-Shelly Meyer, international relations officer for Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions

“No one loves you. You aren’t good enough. You will never get out of this horrific situation.” These are the lies women and girls around the world are told every day. They live in situations where life is so desperate, the last thing on their mind is, Maybe there is more for me. Maybe you’ve even had these same thoughts.

But this is exactly what Project GRL is all about. Birthed out of Joyce’s heart for women to know that they are loved and that God has an amazing plan for their life, Project GRL is reaching women and girls all over the world. And your role is vital. You are Guiding her to truth, Restoring her sense of worth, and Loving her as God’s daughter.

And because of your amazing heart, in 2018, Project GRL reached even more women and girls around the world with the life-changing love of Jesus. Girls who never knew there was another way now have hope! Read the full story

the lens
“We work very hard to not just be aware of a problem, but to actually say, ‘We are going to do something about it!’ With your help, we are changing the tragic story of thousands of women and girls across the globe by rescuing them, providing food and education, and placing them in safe and loving environments. The key is to help them understand that God loves them…and they have tremendous value.”
—Joyce Meyer

Julieta was at the end of her rope. At 14 years old, Mercy was afraid she would become a child bride. In an instant, Warda became a widow and single mother to 10 children in war-torn Syria.

But that’s not how their stories ended. This year, you came to the rescue for these precious women and girls…and so many others around the world.

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