Slowing the Pace of Poverty
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Slowing the Pace of Poverty

Poverty. The word alone doesn't do it justice. Once you see it with your own eyes, a part of you begins to understand what it can really do. But it also ignites a spark in your spirit, calling you to something greater…doing more to help those in need.

Visions of Poverty
Every year, we have the privilege of witnessing the powerful impact the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries are making around the world. But we've also witnessed unbelievable poverty. In Haiti, where the conditions were already the worst in the Western Hemisphere, a life-shattering earthquake on January 12, 2010, left millions in danger of disease and starvation.

We witnessed Haiti's busy streets lined with tents…one after the other. More than a million homeless. Speechless, we watched a young mother wash her naked baby in the storm runoff along those very medians. But when you have nothing else to wash with, what do you do?

We saw the same thing during our Festival of Life in India in October 2010. Small spouts along the sides of the roads were the source of bath water for many. And in another part of Kolkata, hundreds of men and women bathe, brush their teeth, and perform worship rituals in the "sacred" Hooghly River. Stairs that lead down to the river—called ghats—are seemingly treated as an open toilet.

When we encounter this type of poverty, our hearts break. Yes, there is incredible beauty and joy found in Haiti and India, but poverty is ripping apart individuals, families and communities. With conditions like these and the overwhelming need to feed, clothe, care for, rescue and treat, you might wonder if there is any answer to poverty. We believe there is…

Why Partnership Works
Partnership. It's a simple concept, really: One person can make a difference on their own, but can never do as much as two or three or 10… or 10,000 can do. That's partnership. God actually designed us to work that way. See Ephesians 4:16.

When people come together in partnership to meet a need, It opens the door for God to reach beyond those dire physical needs straight to the person's heart. That's why we share their stories with you, hoping to give you a glimpse into the lives saved and restored by God through your partnership.

Recently, a few partners traveled with us to India to witness these stories firsthand. Here's what some of them had to say…

Shawn W., Allentown, PA
"What I do doesn't seem like enough. These people are hungry and thirsty and need food and water. That's something I take for granted. Seeing these programs makes me want to go home and get everyone I know involved."

John W., Austin, TX
"Being in India and seeing what these people go through shows me just how big of a bubble I actually live in. If everyone could see what is happening here for even just one minute, they'd want to be a part."

Georgia W., Austin, TX
"I got to pray with a little girl who's eight years old and was in the hospital with AIDS. She's only two years younger than me. Getting to pray with her showed me that God can do anything. I want to go home and get my friends together to make jewelry to sell so we can help even more kids who need it."

There's no way to fully understand just how powerful partnership truly is, but what we've encountered time and time again is it really does work. Lives are being changed, futures redefined and Christ's love is spreading to the ends of the earth. Suddenly, what once looked like hopeless poverty is turning into something completely new.

Creating Endless Possibilities
Possibilities. In Matthew 19:26, we can see Jesus' heart about possibilities. He says, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." With God ALL things are possible. That means no matter how overwhelming the poverty may appear, God is using things like partnership to create possibilities where there are seemingly none.

We see these possibilities when we meet little girls like Sruthie. Her family is extremely poor. Without the feeding program in Ghatkesar, India, she wouldn't be able to eat. Sruthie is not only receiving a meal, she's learning about the beautiful promises found in the Bible…something we know she'll take home to her Hindu family. At just five years old, she has an endless amount of possibilities in front of her.

Partnership Wins
It's true that poverty and hopelessness can seem overwhelming when we encounter it. There's so much need in the world. But know that all around the world your partnership is doing something amazing. It's slowly but surely rescuing people out of desperate situations and restoring their hope.

Every time a child licks his plate clean, a little girl gets tucked in at night, a nail is hammered into a new home or a heart is opened to the Word of God, partnership wins and poverty is forced to take a step back.

Learn more about partnering with us.

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.