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Enslaved No More

In November 2009, we introduced you to Eled, a young lady who at one time had hopes of getting an education and on her way toward a bright future until...

Eled's mother was everything to her. She didn't see her father much, but her mother always took care of her, especially when she went off to the University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. But tragically, Eled's mother passed away, forcing her to quit school and live with friends. But she had no money, and they wouldn't feed her. Alone and without any other options, she was reduced to a life of prostitution.

"There is absolutely nothing good about that lifestyle. Sleeping with many men is morally degrading. They had different requests, and I had to fulfill all of them," she shares.

Many of the men would beat her and steal their money back. Eled says that the worst thing, though, was that many men refused to wear protection. If she refused because of this, they would just beat her more.

In order to make it day-to-day, Eled became addicted to crack and chewed on chat, a mild stimulant. Unfortunately, many girls in this lifestyle often succumb to the same fate. "I used to not think about the future. I just wanted to survive that day," says Eled.

Exactly one year later, Hand of Hope CEO David L. Meyer visited one of our women's homes in Addis Ababa and met up with Eled. A lot has changed since last November...

During her life as a prostitute, Eled tried to commit suicide three different times but was unsuccessful. Then one day, someone from Crisis International Aid, who we partner with in Ethiopia, invited her to leave the life of prostitution and come and live in one of the three Hand of Hope sponsored homes for young women.

Here they receive counseling, job training, housing, food and other necessary things for them to recover from their previous life.

After completing the two-year process of restoration, Eled was given the opportunity to pursue a career. Given the tools that she would need to transition back into society, Eled ultimately decided to enroll in nursing school. She is now a nurse serving in the Hand of Hope medical clinic in Angacha, Ethiopia. When we met her a day after hearing her story she was so happy with the most beautiful smile.

Another life transformed! And you helped make this possible.

The Reality of Human Trafficking

There are women, young girls and even boys who are trapped in sexual slavery and forced to work. Many are forced into this situation, like Eled, because they have no choice, but there are also those who are kidnapped and robbed of their identities and their dignity. Roughly 2-4 million people are trafficked in and across borders every year.

Hope is on the Horizon

Despite these horrific statistics, Hand of Hope is playing a vital role in stopping human trafficking by partnering with Crisis International Aid, the A21 Campaign and the Los Angeles Dream Center, as well as supporting transformation homes in Ethiopia, Mumbai and Thailand. These organizations and homes help rescue victims of prostitution and place them in safe environment to live.

The homes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, currently can house up to 30 girls with similar stories to Eled.

You can help us rescue more victims from these detestable situations by donating to the ongoing outreaches of Hand of Hope. Donate today.

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.