Ever feel exhausted by trying to communicate?

If you’re wanting to understand and be understood more by the people around you, God wants to give you the tools you need to listen and express yourself well in each situation. In this ten-day devotional, Joyce shares Biblical principles and personal examples to help you communicate more clearly, ways to “disagree agreeably” when you don’t see eye to eye, and important keys to interacting with others in a digital world.

Through this 10-day Bible study, you will receive...


Every day, you'll find a new email to help you start the day with a lesson from Joyce--one that unpacks a specific aspect of communicating in a way that allows your relationships to thrive.


Each day’s content closes with a short prayer to kickstart your conversation with God and help you put the principles into practice.


At the end of every devotional, you’ll find an article, tip or teaching video from Joyce that allows you to delve deeper into the topic and apply it to your own life.

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