The Worst Floods in Malawi History

The Worst Floods in Malawi's History

- by Hand of Hope
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The Worst Floods in Malawi's History Tens of thousands have had their homes destroyed or severely damaged in what many are calling “the worst floods in Malawi’s history,” after extended, severe storms earlier this month. Much of the population has already been living with chronic food insecurity (Malawi is the eighth poorest nation in the world), and a disaster like this can be crippling, if not deadly, for many households.

In areas where Hand of Hope has been working for years—caring for children and providing water relief—we are distributing emergency relief packs to those most affected. These packs include much-needed food supplies, household items and repair kits. They are being distributed through our local church partner, Trinity Church, who is reminding people that God is with them even in times of tragedy.

Our ability to respond at times of disaster is made possible by the support of our friends and partners, so thank you! We will continue to do what we can. Please continue to pray for Malawian families and the long road of recovery ahead.

Hand of Hope