Hand of Hope in the United States

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Population: Population: 318,892,103 - ranks 3rd worldwide 
Literacy: 99% 
Official Language: English.
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: Area - 9,529,063 sq. km. The world's third largest nation in area and population. 
Anti-Human Trafficking Rescue

Hand of Hope partners with the Los Angeles Dream Center, an outreach with over 150 ministries. In 2009, Hand of Hope provided funds for the construction to refurbish a floor of the LADC dedicated solely to rescuing women from the streets of Los Angeles.  This shelter helps facilitate the rescue and healing of the victims of this terrible abuse.  

Books Translation

Millions of books by Joyce Meyer in English and Spanish have been distributed throughout the country.   

Disaster Relief

Hand of Hope has responded to the following disasters in the US:  

  • 2018: Maryland Flooding, California Wildfires, Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael
  • 2017: Southern USA tornadoes, Missouri tornado, Kansas fires, Missouri flooding, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Las Vegas Shooting, and California Wildfires
  • 2016: Louisiana Flooding, Flint Michigan Water Crisis, Houston, TX Flooding, West Virginia Flooding
  • 2015: Illinois Tornado, Missouri Flooding, South Carolina Flooding, Texas Flooding
  • 2014: Alabama and Arkansas Tornadoes
  • 2013: Colorado Flooding, Illinois Tornado, Oklahoma Flooding
  • 2012: Alabama and Texas tornados, Colorado fires, Florida flooding, Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana, Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, and New York, Virginia, and Washington DC power outages
  • 2011: Hurricane Irene in North and South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Virginia tornados, Texas wildfires
  • 2010: Tennessee Flooding
  • 2009: Georgia and North Dakota Flooding
  • 2008: Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri Flooding, Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in Louisiana,
  • 2007: California Wildfire, Kansas Tornados
  • 2005: Hurricane Katrina rebuilding over 450 homes

Domestic Outreach

Since 2012, Hand of Hope has conducted over 170 Outreach Events.  The events provide a wide variety of needs such as diapers, wipes, food, school supplies, coats, gloves, haircuts, books, bibles, hygiene supplies, medical screenings and legal counsel, as well as toys and gifts for the children. Many of these events also have entertainment such as carnival rides, inflatable’s, face painting and games.

  • 2018: Hand of Hope, to date has conducted 21 events in 14 cities 
  • 2017: Hand of Hope conducted 27 outreach events in nineteen cities.
  • 2016: Hand of Hope conducted 27 outreach events in 21 cities, servicing the needs of over 21,000 people.
  • 2015: Hand of Hope conducted 25 Outreach Events in 21 cities, serving the needs of over 36,600 people.  In Hampton, VA and San Diego, CA we were able to help with the needs of our military families. 
  • 2014: Hand of Hope conducted 31 Outreach Events in 23 cities, serving the needs of over 40,000 people.  At the Tulsa Outreach, we were able to give away 1,000 new bikes and 10,000 bags of groceries. In Chicago, we distributed over 5,000 backpacks, and 5,000 bags of groceries.  Through seven outreaches, nearly 10,000 back packs filled with school supplies were distributed. 
  • 2013: We conducted 45 Domestic Outreaches in 36 cities, serving the needs of 44,784 people.  Three of these outreaches were in tornado ravaged areas of the US.  
  • 2012: We conducted 16 Domestic Outreaches in 15 cities, serving the needs of 6,659 people.  The Tulsa event was in eight different locations, with 5,800 in attendance.

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope serves hundreds of thousands of meals yearly through our feeding programs in the country. 

Inner-City Outreach

Since its opening in October 2000, the St. Louis Dream Center church and outreach center continues to reach the people of the inner-city of St. Louis with a caring hand of hope, providing food, clothing and friendship to neighboring residents. The St. Louis Dream Center has established several ministries, including outreaches to the homeless, nursing home residents, adopt a block, Genesis Men's Home, prostitutes and neighborhood children.

Hand of Hope also partners with the Los Angeles Dream Center and Urban Youth Impact to reach and meet the needs of those in the inner-city.

Leadership Training

Hand of Hope has partnered with John Maxwell's EQUIP leadership training ministry to conduct the Million Leaders Mandate, a global initiative striving to train at least one million leaders worldwide.

Medical/Dental Missions

Hand of Hope outfitted a mobile dental unit in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which treated hundreds of patients.


Hand of Hope works in partnership with the following ministries:

Mercy Multiplied Women's Home - St. Louis: Joyce Meyer Ministries purchased and renovated the St. Louis Mercy Multiplied home, which opened in the fall of 2005. The purpose of the home is to transform lives of girls struggling with life-controlling issues by providing free residential care and life skills training through biblical counseling. Here, in this loving environment, many girls have already found that mercy triumphs over judgment and their dreams of a magnificent future are restored.

Service International: Hand of Hope partners with Service International to help with disaster relief efforts around the world.

Urban Youth Impact: Hand of Hope partners with Urban Youth Impact to reach inner cities in Florida. 

Prison Ministry

By the end of 2007, Hand of Hope conducted prison outreaches in all 50 states. In 2016, Dave Meyer distributed the 3 millionth hygiene gift bag to an inmate in a Missouri prison.

Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life television and radio shows are available in English and Spanish across the country.    The television show is available in Russian, French and Polish in select areas of the country.  

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