Hand of Hope in Kosovo

- by Hand of Hope
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Joyce Meyer Ministries Population: 1,859,203 - ranks 150th worldwide
Literacy: 92%
Official Language: Albanian and Serbian
Religion: Freedom of religion
Geography: 10,908 sq. km. Borders Montenegro to the northwest, Macedonia and Albania to the south, and Serbia to the northeast.

Book Translation
Books by Joyce Meyer have been translated into Albanian and distributed throughout the country.

Foreign Office
Joyce Meyer Ministries has a field office that services Kosovo.

Medical and Dental Outreaches
Hand of Hope supports Service International's dental clinic that has seen and treated ten of thousands of dental patients.

Short Term Outreach
2011: Our volunteers treated 882 patients, 110 people gave their lives to the Lord.

Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life television and radio shows are available in Albanian in select areas across the country.  

Hand of Hope