Hand of Hope in Cambodia

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Joyce Meyer Ministries

Population: 15,458,332 - ranks 68th worldwide
Literacy: 73.6%
Official Language: Khmer
There is increasing freedom of religion for Cambodians.   
Area - 181,035 sq. km. A fertile, forest-covered state of southwest Indo-China. 

Anti-Human Trafficking Rescue
  • 2018-2019: Hand of Hope partnered with Iris Global to rescue and restore those escaping from human trafficking
  • From July 2011 - May 2019, Hand of Hope supported the She Rescue Home, which provides young children an escape from the sex trade industry and offers freedom in Christ
Book Translation
We have translated 19 of Joyce’s books in Khmer and more than 760,000 distributed through various outreaches, including Hope Cambodia.

Children's Homes
Hand of Hope funds 3 children’s homes that provide housing, food and education for more than 60 children.

International Conferences

2007: Joyce Meyer Ministries/Hand of Hope hosted Hope Cambodia, an outreach designed to bring restoration to the heart and soul of Cambodia. More than 54,000 people accepted Christ during the event. More than 160,000 lives were touched through all of the outreaches.

During the Hope Cambodia outreach, Hand of Hope opened 15 Hope Centers, which housed children at risk.  They also served as churches, schools, feeding centers and community centers.

Disaster Relief
  • 2019: Hand of Hope partnered with Relevant Expeditions to provide emergency supplies after flooding
  • 2015: Hand of Hope partnered with Relevant Expeditions to rebuild a Children’s Home destroyed by fire.
  • 2013: Continuous rain in areas along the Mekong River in the Kandal province of Cambodia completely flooded.  At least 83 people, including 34 children died.  Hundreds of thousands were affected. Hand of Hope distributed food along with Joyce’s books translate into Khmer, to those affected. 
  • 2011: Hand of Hope served thousands of families who suffered due to massive flooding. We provided relief bags, containing rice, tin fish, oil and vegetables, along with Joyce’s book Tell Them I Love Them.  We worked with four churches to set up facilities in five locations for temporary housing, each of which had food, bedding and temporary shower and toilet facilities.
Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope has served over 1.4 million meals through our feeding programs in Cambodia. From April 2008 through early 2014, we also had a mobile feeding ministry where retrofitted buses that traveled to feed and teach hundreds of children.

Medical and Dental Outreaches

Short Term Outreaches

  • 2019: Our volunteers treated 2,225 patients; 563 accepted Christ
  • 2017: Our volunteers treated 2,919 patients; 1,864 received Christ 
  • 2013: Our volunteers treated 4,219 patients in Phnom Penh, 2,778 accepted Christ
  • 2012: Our volunteers treated 4,049 patients; 2,137 confessed Christ
  • 2011: Our volunteers treated 4,354 people in Pursat; 2,102 souls were saved.
  • 2009: Our volunteers treated 4,363 patients in Pursat; 3,667 received Christ.
  • 2007: During the Hope Cambodia, volunteers treated 9,087 patients were treated; 4,122 received salvation.

In March 2009, Hand of Hope opened a new hospital in Pursat. This facility has a 100 bed capacity with room for expansion. On average we treat 450 people each week.  In June 2012, a new dental program was opened in the center; treating about 45 patients each week.


2007: During Hope Cambodia, we visited more than 10,000 inmates; each receiving a hygiene gift bag, which included one of Joyce’s books.

Television and Radio

Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life television show was previously available in Khmer in select areas of the country.

Water Relief

Through the Wells of Life program, Hand of Hope helps provide fresh drinking water to villages. We have installed 35 fresh water wells; two of those wells include a church

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