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Join with us to help those affected by Hurricane Sally.

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Join with us to help those affected by Hurricane Sally.

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Disaster Relief Missouri Flood

Disaster Relief: Missouri Flooding

- by Hand of Hope
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Severe flooding in Missouri has hit our hometown. Just down the street from our headquarters record rainfall has caused rivers to rise and left many homes and neighborhoods under water. Although our offices are safe, we are sad to say that many people are not. 

Hand of Hope has partnered with Convoy of Hope and Service International to provide relief as soon as the water recedes, which could still be a couple of days. Please pray with us for all affected. 

Thank you to our friends and partners who help us reach out all around the world and in our backyard! 

Cleanup Underway After Flooding in Missouri

Record-breaking floods have impacted large portions of St. Louis and it’s surrounding area this past week. Hundreds of families returned to find their homes devastated by the muddy waters and their personal belongings destroyed. 

You can help those in need! Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, is partnering with Convoy of Hope and Service International, two outstanding emergency response organizations to provide immediate relief. But we can do more with your help!

Pray for all those affected…for their emotional needs as well as the physical as they process all that has happened.
Join the volunteer efforts by connecting directly with Convoy of Hope or Service International.

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