Clean Drinking Water - Providing Solutions

Clean Drinking Water - Providing Solutions

- by Hand of Hope
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Clean Drinking Water Providing Solutions

It is estimated that water shortages affect 1 in 3 people globally. Over 780 million people worldwide lack clean drinking water and millions of people die annually from water-related diseases due to consuming unclean water.* A glass of clean water simply does not exist for many people around the world. Hand of Hope is doing what we can to change that. 

We are determined to supply clean water to as many people as we can. Through the incredible support of our friends and Partners we have been able to provide access to clean water through our Well of Life projects, clean water wells, water tanks and other projects. Hundreds of communities and tens of thousands of lives have been completely transformed through this amazing outreach. 

Our mission is simple. We want to express the love of God through supplying one of their most vital physical needs – fresh water. 

*Source: unwater.org 

Hand of Hope