A Transformed Life in Burundi Africa

A Transformed Life in Burundi Africa

- by Hand of Hope
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A Transformed Life in Burundi

The Bible tells us that everyone who believes in Christ will not perish but have eternal life. The promises of God are for whosoever will believe in Him – His love is without limit and He forgives all of our sins, even the most horrific. Like those of a man in Burundi, Africa who shared his story with us, “I am a man of the military, not yet married. I killed many people during fighting that took place in Burundi, Congo and Rwanda. I have been a thief using guns in Tanzania. I raped women and girls. When I was looking at what I have been doing, I thought I better keep doing it because I couldn’t think that I could be forgiven. There is a day I will never forget – I heard Joyce Meyer teaching how God doesn’t count our sins before He forgive us. I wept for hours and decided to repent. I am now in God’s Grace.” 

It is so vitally important to us to be able to share the message of the outrageous love of Christ around the world in people’s native language so they can be set free and come to know God – which is why Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life (EEL) program is translated into 64 languages and broadcast around the world. The EEL program has been available in Burundi in their native language of Kirundi since 2009, bringing healing and hope to a region decimated by war. We know God is meeting people right where they are, all over the world and we are thankful for the faithful support of our partners and friends which allows us to share the gospel message.

Hand of Hope