A New Way to Share the Gospel by Providing Water Wells

A New Way to Share the Gospel

- by Rachael Athearn
A New Way to Share the Gospel

Whenever we can at our water wells, we also build a church. We want the people who come get fresh, clean water, to also get the Living Water—to learn about Jesus and hear the Gospel message.

There are some places, though, where we are not able to build a church. We needed to get creative and find another exciting way to share Christ with the people who visit our wells, and you are a part of this brand-new opportunity!

Today, our well in Malome, Zambia, features a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot. Many people in the area have smartphones and when they go to get their water, they often bring them to the well. Through this project, they now also have access to free Wi-Fi…where they can get Joyce’s teaching and the Word of God in their own language.

“The cool thing is they come to the well, meet their physical needs, and then they also can download the TV program and meet their spiritual needs,” says Daniel Meyer, CEO of U.S. Operations for Joyce Meyer Ministries.

How amazing! It’s all about sharing Christ in every way we can…through fresh water and the Living Word.

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