Hand of Hope in Ethiopia

Hand of Hope

Population: 96,633,458 - ranks 13th worldwide
Literacy: 36% 
Official Language: Amharic
Religion: Freedom of religion 
Geography: Area - 1,106,000 sq. km. Fertile mountain plateau surrounded by lowlands and deserts.

Anti-Human Trafficking Rescue

Hand of Hope partnered with Crisis Aid International (CAI) to build and operate a Women's Homes for victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution.  They receive counseling, job training, housing, food and other necessary things for them to recover from the life they are leaving behind.  

Book Translation

Five of Joyce's books have been translated and printed, with over 74,000 distributed. 

Disaster Relief

2011 -  Extreme drought conditions in the Horn of Africa resulted in an estimated 10 million people facing a severe food crisis. Hand of Hope worked quickly to provide much needed life-saving food supplies – providing over 500,000 meals in partnership with Feed My Starving Children.

We also partnered with New Life Home Trust to drill a water well near the Kenya/Somali border.  This well, along with 10 other recently completed wells inside Somali is providing much needed water for so many.

Feeding Programs

Hand of Hope serves millions of meals yearly through our feeding programs in Ethiopia. 

Foreign Office 

Joyce Meyer Ministries has a field office that services Ethiopia 

International Conferences

2008 - More than 30,000 people attended  Joyce's meeting held in Angatcha.


Short Term Outreaches

  • 2019:  5,324 patients treated; 54 people came to Christ 
  • 2018:  4,866 patients treated; 170 accepted Christ
  • 2017:  3,306 patients treated; 68 people came to Christ
  • 2015:  3,783 patients treated; 58 people accepted Christ
  • 2014:  3,302 patients treated; 38 people came to Christ
  • 2013:  4,793 patients treated; 475 people came to Christ
  • 2012:  4,047 patients treated; over 500 salvations
  • 2011:  In May, over 2,100 patients treated; over 400 people received salvation
  • 2011:  In November, over 3,100 patients treated; 5 people received salvation
  • 2010:  4,152 patients treated; 1,400 souls were saved
  • 2008:  2,836 patients treated 


Medical Clinics

Hand of Hope is partnering with Crisis Aid International to operate the HOH Pediatric Specialty Clinic in Yirgachefe, with the vision and purpose to restore health and good nutrition to children suffering from severe malnutrition. Malnourished children stay from three weeks to one month or more when necessary to finish the program and complete restoration.  Outpatient treatment is also available. Over 140,000 patients have been treated. 

Hand of Hope partnered with Crisis Aid International to operate the Ethiopia Medical Clinic in Angacha, Ethiopia, from February 2008 - June 2016, treating over 420,000 patients.


Hand of Hope partnered with Crisis Aid International, reaching out to provide humanitarian aid to those in rural areas throughout Ethiopia. Together, we rebuilt a village that was completely destroyed by fire.  We also established a women's home to help rescue victims previously trapped in prostitution.

  • 2016: Our prison team visited a prison; distributing 40 hygiene gift bags with one of Joyce's books.
TV and Radio

Joyce's Enjoying Everyday Life television shows are available in KiSwahili and English in select areas across the country. 

Water Relief

Through our water relief program, Hand of Hope has provided 15 wells bringing fresh drinking water to villages.