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See how you made a difference in 2019! View the Annual Report

See how you made a difference in 2019!
View the Annual Report

Partner Care

Thank You for Everything!

Our Partners mean the world to us. It’s why we created Partner Care. Your generous heart and life-giving spirit is contagious and you make us want to do whatever we can to reach more people with the love of Jesus. Together, we are sharing Christ and loving people all over the globe. You are providing thirst-quenching water to entire communities, rescuing innocent girls from the horrors of human trafficking, and so much more. Thank you for helping us reach the world with the hope of Christ. We are here for YOU, so please let us know if you need anything!

Meet Your Partner Care Team

Joyce Meyer Ministries Prayer Needs

We love praying for our partners…we do it every day! If you ever have a specific need that you would like us to pray for, please let us know!  We also know that our partners love praying for Joyce Meyer Ministries, so here are a few things that you can keep in mind.

July 17 – Aug 3 | Tanzania Trip | David Meyer

Ministry Partners and Friends
  • Praise Report - No Joyce Meyer Ministries employee worldwide or stateside has been affected by Covid19.
  • Praise Report – The Finances of Joyce Meyer Ministries are in a positive place. God is supernaturally taking care of the ministry.
  • Praise Report – The fervent, effectual prayer of the righteous is availing much.
  • Partners and friends continue to celebrate their freedom in Christ. Remember God has delivered them out of the darkness and destruction occurring throughout the world. He has given them the promises of His heavenly kingdom. (Colossians 1:13)
  • Give our leaders; President, Vice President, CDC, Governors, Mayors, and city leaders as well as World leaders wisdom and knowledge how to operate coming out of the pandemic and wise steps to follow to break all quarantine. (Jeremiah 33:3)
  • Continue peaceful transition of staff from working at home to working on site. (Psalm 37:23)
  • God will continue to protect the Meyer family and encourage them throughout all the changes happening in this world.
  • God will continue to give His angels charge over the staff to protect them and keep them healthy; spirit, soul and body
  • God will continue to supply the ministry with finances to maintain outreach (Genesis 26:12)
  • Holy Spirit open the eyes of our understanding so we can keep our minds set on the Word of God and remain in perfect peace through this quarantine until the pandemic is over. (Isaiah 26:3, Ephesians 1:17)
  • Take captive every high thing that acknowledges itself against the knowledge of God and His truth to stay in peace and strengthen a relationship with Christ even after this pandemic is over (2 Corinthians 10:5)

  • Prayer for the COVID-19 epidemic to end!!
  • Prayer for smooth transition and supernatural wisdom and revelation for each of the Conference team members who have been reassigned to work in Operations until the 2021 conference season kicks back in, in the late fall.
  • Favor with all the WC20 conference city hotels to waive all cancellation fees.
  • Prayer for Marilyn and Sheila to have favor as we cover all positions until the team returns to Conference, to assume their job roles.
  • Prayer for favor with the cities we want to secure for the 2022 conference tour.

  • Praise Report – Everyone is doing great with projects and we are staying on track.
  • Witty inventions, ideas and concepts for presentation of Joyce’s teaching on television and promotion of life changing resources (Prov. 8:12)
  • Staying positive and energized during this time
  • Strength and anointing for Joyce and Dave
  • Direction and Creativity for upcoming campaigns (Proverbs 16:9)

  • Health for the Finance Department Staff (Isaiah 53:5)

  • Transition back to the office for our staff
  • We would acknowledge that hate and racism are wrong
  • We would BE THERE for one another


  • Health for our team members (Isaiah 55:11)
  • Wisdom and discernment for current and future projects ministry wide
  • Success for US Go Live and for continued success of Foreign offices release
  • Ministry wide (1 John 5:5, Deut. 31:6, Deut. 31:8)


“God is inviting us to interact with Him, to perceive things spiritually and to partner with Him to accomplish them on earth – and that only happens through prayer.”
Joyce Meyer


In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will prepare [a prayer and a sacrifice] for You and watch and wait [for You to speak to my heart].
Psalm 5:3

Hand of Hope Update 

Hand of Hope Update

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries and through your partnership we are sharing Christ and loving people all over the world! Our goal is to help as many hurting people as we possibly can and alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.


See What's Going On 

See What's Going On At JMM

Meet partners just like you, get a sneak peek at what's going on at JMM and find out about upcoming events and new projects! RECENTLY ADDED: Brand new videos from Hand of Hope and an overview on our newest initiative, Project GRL.


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Our Mission

Sharing Christ - Loving People

Joyce Meyer Ministries is called to share the Gospel, disciple nations and extend the love of Christ. Through media we teach people how to apply biblical truth to every aspect of their lives and encourage God’s people to serve the world around them. Through our missions arm, Hand of Hope, we provide global humanitarian aid, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, minister to the elderly, widows and orphans, visit prisoners and reach out to people of all ages and in all walks of life. Joyce Meyer Ministries is built on a foundation of faith, integrity and dedicated supporters who share this call.

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