Share Her Worth this Christmas


You inspired a gift of love to bring hope to those in need.
You are easing suffering, providing relief and sharing the love of Christ all around the world.

While Christmas is a season of great joy, many people around the world are so burdened by life’s hardships that they can see little else. That’s why the gift you inspired this Christmas is so vital.

It’s reaching out to people who endured recent storms, into the lives of homeless veterans, impoverished orphans, elderly adults who have no family to care for them, men and women who will spend the rest of their lives in prison and in so many other ways. This seemingly simple Christmas gift is making a global impact...sharing the love and compassion of Christ.

Share Hope this Christmas

We believe sharing the message of Christ goes hand in hand with showing people Christ. This is the heart behind everything we do through our missions arm, Hand of Hope, which reaches out across the United States and around the world to bring hope to the hurting.

Rescuing from human trafficking in 13 countries
Providing books in 145 languages
Provided more than $16 million in disaster relief
Reached 3 million inmates around the world
Drilled 1,000 wells
Feeding in 30 countries

Joyce Meyer Ministries | Hand of Hope | ECFA