Ailse Usher

THANK YOU for volunteering—these events couldn’t happen without you! We have you signed up to serve at an upcoming Joyce Meyer Ministries Conference.

You have been selected to serve as an AISLE USHER! Please read through this page carefully and contact us with any questions. Check out the schedule below for your check-in times:

2:00 pm — Initial check-in

2:45-3:45 pm — Volunteer training (all must attend)

After volunteer training duties begin for evening session

7:30am — Check-in for morning session

11:30am — Receive and Redeem Your Resource Voucher (see your Usher Captain)

1:00pm — Check-in for afternoon session

Two seats will be reserved for you near the area where you’ll be serving.

Volunteer Perks

As a volunteer, you will receive...




Aisle Usher Description

Aisle ushers help our Security Team create a secure environment for everyone at the conference–including Dave and Joyce, worship artists, and the Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM) TV/Audio Production Team. Because of the serious nature of this position, aisle ushers are held to a higher standard of diligence and alert-ness. Instead of assisting guests with seating or overseeing offerings, you will be focused on the following:

  • Aisle ushers must arrive two hours before each session.

  • TV cameras start rolling at 6:45 pm for evening sessions and 9:15 am for morning sessions. Be ready to direct guests away from the stage area so they do not walk into view of our cameras. In order to cross aisles, guests must walk to the back of the floor seating area.

  • During worship, guests are invited to the area in front of the stage. Lead any participants in your row forward, stop-ping at the front row. A staff member will give you the okay to continue lead-ing guests toward the stage. Then stand facing the audience with your arms extended until everyone is settled. Return to your designated position

  • Observe the crowd for disruptive behavior, such as making loud noises or distracting dancing and jumping. If you see anyone holding a small child on their shoulders, ask them to remove the child as a safety precaution.

  • Flash photography is prohibited during conference sessions. Watch the crowds closely to make sure these rules are respected. If anyone does not comply, notify your usher captain or a JMM staff member.

  • As worshipers return to their seats, watch to make sure no one lingers there or tries to go backstage.

  • One aisle usher will have a reserved seat two rows directly behind Dave Meyer. If anyone approaches Dave during the session, ask them to leave the area. If they refuse to comply, take them firmly by the arm and escort them away. If they still refuse, ask a Helps Team or Security Team member for help.

  • If a guest walks up the center aisle attempting to approach the stage during a session, escort them away in the same manner.

  • Be aware of everyone approaching the stage area. If they are not wearing a “JMM Staff” shirt or an “SES” shirt (TV/Audio Production Team), escort them away. Act quickly to help protect Joyce. You will be assisted by our Helps Team and Security Team.

Aisle ushers and their guests receive designated reserved seating from the Helps Staff. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of being diligent and alert in this trusted position. When all ushers are in place performing their assigned duties, a peaceful atmosphere is achieved.

Hebrews 6:10