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Advancing the Gospel


New Opportunities
to share Christ

Do you remember how you first encountered the life-changing message of the Gospel?

Joyce Meyer Ministries is committed to reaching people wherever they are—utilizing all forms of media—on international YouTube channels and social media, through Joyce’s conferences and books.

And technology makes it possible to advance the Gospel and share it with more people—and in more ways—than ever before.

2018 brought a number of exciting new opportunities to share Christ around the world.

One unique way you are reaching out is by equipping pastors with the tools they need to share Christ in hard-to-reach villages. Read the full story


languages the Enjoying Everyday Life program was available in
via TV, radio and internet


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viewed 45,118,059 times

the lens
“God is using you to help us stay on the cutting edge of media and represent Jesus Christ in a way that attracts people's attention and provokes them to want to know more.”
—Daniel Meyer, CEO of U.S. Operations for Joyce Meyer Ministries

Thirty-six. The number of Love Life Women’s Conferences Joyce has held, dating back to 1982. And this year’s 36th-annual event marked an exciting new change!

In 2018, for the very first time ever, we took the Women’s Conference on the road as a way to give even more people the opportunity to join in on the fun! And we started this exciting adventure this year in Tampa, Florida.

Thousands of women from across the country and around the world joined together in sunny Tampa for a weekend that impacted their lives and their relationship with God in a very personal way. Read the full story


What do a YouTube video, a foreign-language book and a weekend road trip have in common? They are all ways that God used you to reach people with the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

In a great time of need—and often when they least expected it—you provided the love and encouragement that literally changed everything. These are the remarkable stories of just a few of the people whose lives will never be the same.

the lens
“We want to reach as many people as we possibly can with the Gospel because that’s the greatest thing—for people to come to know Jesus and to find salvation and hope through Him.”
—Joyce Meyer

U.S. Joyce Meyer conferences
sharing the message of Christ from coast to coast


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