Press Release: New Joyce Meyer Book Debuts #7 on New York Times Bestseller List
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Press Release: New Joyce Meyer Book Debuts #7 on New York Times Bestseller List

by Joyce Meyer Ministries - posted April 27, 2010

  • Authoring more than 80 titles, Joyce Meyer books have been translated into over 80 languages
  • More than 12 million books have been distributed worldwide
  • "We're not built for guilt" - Joyce Meyer

ST. LOUIS, April 27, 2010 -

In only its first week of release, "Eat the Cookie...Buy the Shoes," the latest offering by bestselling author and world renowned Bible teacher Joyce Meyer, has debuted at # 7 on the New York Times hardcover advice books bestseller list. Published by FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group, the book was released on April 13 and the ranking reflects sales for the week ending April 17, 2010.

In a fun and entertaining tone, with the new book, Meyer teaches that it's OK to celebrate something we've accomplished or treat yourself to something for a job well done. With an inspirational message that will resonate with readers everywhere, the new book will help you find freedom to do something you enjoy and not feel guilty about it, to reward yourself for progress instead of punishing yourself every time you fail, and to give yourself permission to "lighten up" when facing challenges – all while staying spiritually balanced and celebrating God and what He's doing in you.

"This new book celebrates that we're not built for guilt," said Meyer. "At some point, we all need to 'eat the cookie and buy the shoes' in order to help us finish what we've started or as a way of celebrating something we've accomplished. Your 'cookie and shoes' can be anything that you enjoy. God never intended for us to be under a heavy burden. In fact, God is the ultimate party planner and wants you to learn how to celebrate the victories in your life."

A #1 New York Times bestselling author, Joyce Meyer has written more than 80 inspirational books that have been translated into over 80 different languages. Popular titles include "The Love Revolution," "The Confident Woman" and "Battlefield Of The Mind." More than 12 million Joyce Meyer books have been distributed worldwide and, in 2007, more than 3.2 million copies were sold.

About Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM) is an international nonprofit organization that focuses on reaching people through media with a potential audience of 3 billion people. Impacting lives around the world, through its outreach arm, Hand of Hope, JMM provides life-changing global humanitarian and missions relief. In 2009, JMM provided more than 23 million meals supporting feeding centers in 25 countries and free medical care to over 238,000 people in multiple remote areas. JMM also operates 44 children's homes globally, feeds over 55,000 children daily and provides a host of other disaster, missions and humanitarian aid.