Press Release: Joyce Meyer Ministries Aids In Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts
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Press Release: Joyce Meyer Ministries Aids In Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

by Joyce Meyer Ministries - posted January 14, 2010

  • Emergency food provisions already distributed
  • Ministry's on-site medical clinic remains open 24/7 and is aiding injured
  • Medications and medical supply donations requested

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 14, 2010 – Joyce Meyer Ministries, through its Hand of Hope missions group, has partnered with the Haiti-based Christian humanitarian organization Love A Child to help bring immediate short-term assistance, relief and aid to the earthquake victims in Haiti, which includes food that was funded by partner donations and shipped to Haiti by the ministry. The ministry's medical clinic in Fond Parisien, the Jesus Healing Center, is also open around-the-clock and is aiding in treating the injured.

Another long-time ministry partner, Convoy of Hope , already has people on the ground assessing the damage in Port-au-Prince with a development team also en route to provide additional relief assistance, which may include the distribution of food, water and supplies. Joyce Meyer Ministries also maintains relationships with other humanitarian groups that are also coordinating additional assistance efforts.

"Our first response when we heard the news of this devastating earthquake was to pray for the health, safety and well-being of the precious people of Haiti and surrounding areas who have been affected by this disaster," said David Meyer, CEO, Hand of Hope. "We pray for God's hand of protection to be on them and on those providing disaster relief as well."

Illustrating the dramatic and emotional toil this disaster is having on relief personnel already on the ground, in a poignant email from Bobby Burnette, Love A Child founder, he wrote: "It's a horror! The after shocks, all 30 of them big ones, will make you cry for the Haitian people. They are still coming!" In a separate email today from co-founder Sherry Burnette, she adds "Everything here is upside down . . . no grocery stores, banks are demolished, gas stations . . . bodies everywhere. We have been out collecting wounded all day long!"

In addition to prayers, donations, critical supplies and additional volunteer support are greatly needed. Recognizing the rapid dispensing and decreasing availability of food, water, medicines and medical supplies, the following is a list of medications and medical supplies most urgently needed that people can donate to Love A Child for the earthquake victims.

Medications: (any medications – all items marked with an asterisk [*] are the greatest needs)

Acetaminophen* (Tylenol)
Blood pressure medications
Cough medications
Diclofenac* (injection and oral)
Hypertension medications
(Advil, Motrin, Nuprin, Medipren)
IV serum
Multivitamins (children's and adult)
Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic*
Oral rehydration salts*

Medical Supplies Needed: (anything for wound care)

Ace bandages
Alcohol pads*
Antibiotic ointments
Betadine* – wipes and sticks
Blades – sterile only
Bulb syringes –
(stub adapter; no loose/single units; spinal)
Casting supplies
Catheters (Entra caths)
Compression stockings
Dressings – sterile & unsterile
(coban, tegaderm, steri-strip, surgilast)

Gauze – any size
Gloves – all sizes, sterile/non-sterile
Gowns – surgical and patient, head & shoe covers; goggles, masks
IV supplies – tubing in sterile packages only (including

Needles – butterfly, angio catheter
Pediatric supplies
Sponges – surgical only
(includes x-ray detectable)

Surgical towels – cloth/paper
Tape – all types
Tongue depressors
Splints – for legs/ankles/wrists/arms

Additional Needs:

Blankets (used or new)
Bottled water
Buckets (5 gallon with lids)
Non-perishable foods (no cooking required)
Sandals and/or "flip flops"
Sheets (used or new)
Tents (small)
T-shirts (large)
Toiletry sacks (containing washcloth, soap, toothbrush,
toothpaste, deodorant)

For distribution purposes, with the exception of the tents, all the above items can/will be packed inside the buckets that are needed by displaced survivors to carry water.

The public can immediately send these items to Love A Child's Florida office and they will take care of getting them into Haiti. They are requesting and would appreciate people printing their name, address and phone number on a piece of paper placed inside each box sent. The address to ship the supplies to is:

Love A Child Attn: Mike Essman – Haiti Earthquake Medical Donation
9304 Camden Field Parkway
Riverview, FL 33578-0520

About Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM) is an international nonprofit organization that focuses on reaching people through media with a potential audience of 3 billion people. Impacting lives around the world, through its outreach arm, Hand of Hope, JMM provides life-changing global humanitarian and missions relief. In 2008, JMM provided more than 18 million meals supporting feeding centers in 25 countries and free medical care to over 150,000 people in multiple remote areas. JMM also operates 44 children's homes globally and provides a host of other disaster, missions and humanitarian aid.

About Love A Child

Love A Child is a non-profit Christian humanitarian and Private Voluntary Organization (PVO). Founders Bobby and Sherry Burnette live in Haiti at the Love A Child Orphanage and are working to spread God's word and show the love of Jesus by example as they minister to the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Outreach programs include 14 Love A Child schools, where they educate and feed over 5,000 children each day, and food distribution programs that feed thousands of Haitian families. With the help of their partners, they've established churches in villages, hold remote medical clinics and oversee many other projects to benefit the poor.

About Convoy of Hope

Since 1994, Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit organization, has provided resources to organizations and churches to meet physical and spiritual needs for the purpose of making the community a better place. This is accomplished through domestic and international outreaches, supply lines, and disaster response.