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Asia Tour 2012

In January, Joyce held three conferences and visited many of the vital outreaches made possible by the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Sri Lanka

Festival of Life Conference in Colombo

Joyce's messages resonated throughout the conferences on January 20-21, leading 84,515 of the 179,954 people that attended to Christ. Our hearts are overjoyed at the ability to share the life-changing Gospel in a country that is currently trying to pass a law that will forbid its citizens from converting to Christianity.

Providing Free Medical Care

In conjunction with the Festival of Life, a medical/dental team made up of volunteers provided five days of free medical care in villages in and around Colombo.

In the five short and amazing days:

  • 3,405 medical patients were treated
  • 625 dental patients received treatment and 675 teeth were pulled
  • 16,116 free prescriptions were distributed
  • 106 people gave their lives to Christ

Feeding Program in Negombo

Our team also had the privilege to visit one of our six feeding programs in Sri Lanka. In Negombo, a brick-makers village, once the children are strong enough they are required to enter this labor-intensive and sometimes dangerous profession. Running everything on gasoline, the fumes burn the workers' eyes and the ovens make the temperature almost unbearable.

Many years ago a local pastor saw the need for a feeding program for these children. After starting it, Hand of Hope partnered with him to keep it running. We've since been able to also dig a freshwater well and build a church.


Festival of Life Conference in Bangkok

On January 22, Joyce traveled to Bangkok to share a message with 16,328 people at two powerful services, which resulted in 9,254 salvations. Mandala Yafool, a 17-year-old girl at the conference, was excited to hear Joyce because she grew up in a Hand of Hope children's home in Chiang Rai. "I was given the opportunity to do something with my life. So many children don't have an opportunity at life or a place to go."

Children's Homes

More than 120 children are being helped through Hand of Hope's four children's homes throughout Thailand. Our teams were able to visit two of those homes, where we met children who would be homeless and deprived of an education or a hope for the future if it weren't for your support.

Rescuing Girls from Human Trafficking

Joyce also visited with girls living in Gabrielle House, a home for girls rescued from human trafficking. Thanks to your support, these girls are receiving the healing they so desperately need, as well as job training to help them gain employment after leaving the home.


Festival of Life Conference in New Delhi

This was Joyce's eighth trip to India, but her first in Delhi. Thanks to the television and radio program, podcasts and magazine, Joyce's messages have reached this part of the country for years. Of the 21,473 people who attended the conference on January 29, nearly 7,000 accepted Christ. The attendees said Joyce is a strong role model for the people in India and shows people "it's okay to be a Christian."


Although Joyce didn't hold a conference in Cambodia, she was able to visit two of the vital outreaches Hand of Hope is providing in this country.

Feeding Children in the Trash Dump in Phnom Penh

After attempts at purchasing land to build a feeding program in the dump failed, we opted for a different option—feeding buses. For five days a week, 380 children learn English, life skills and arithmetic and receive a nutritious meal. There is even a shower and toilet on board. Many of these children live in the trash dump and are forced to work there, making a mere 50 to 75 cents a day.

Free Medical Care in Pursat

Located about 4.5 hours outside Phnom Penh, Pursat, is a farming village that is centrally located to many of the other small villages in the area. There are two other hospitals in the region, but will not provide treatment if the patient cannot pay. That's where the Hand of Hope Health Center comes in. Without this facility many people would never be able to receive care or the medicines that could save their lives.

Impossible to Do without Your Help

Thank you so much for your prayers and support that have helped make these trips so successful…and are helping us touch the lives of many all across Asia—every day.

God is stirring hearts across these beautiful nations; people are receiving lifesaving medical care, and children are receiving the love of Christ. And your support is helping make it possible.

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.