The Beautiful Children of Baby Watoto Gulu
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The Beautiful Children of Baby Watoto Gulu

Baby Watoto Gulu celebrated its grand opening in April 2010. Built by donations from the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries, it's a home for babies with nowhere else to go. In a place overflowing with joy, these babies will receive the basic care, medical attention and love they so desperately need, making the difference between life and death.

Abandonment Diffuses a Promise
Not that long ago, six-and-a-half-month-old twins Patricia and Joshua, along with their mother, faced their own life and death situation. This family's life suddenly changed when the father had made a promise: He told the twins' mother that if the babies were there when he got home that night, he would kill them all.

How could he do that? He is their father—the man meant to protect them.

Desperate to save her babies' lives, their mother knew of no choice but to abandon them. Life is difficult in war-torn northern Uganda, and she had no one to help her. So she took the twins to the front of the Gulu police station and attempted to leave them.

Many babies are abandoned in this part of the world. Many babies die alone, hidden in piles of trash or out in the bush. But not Patricia and Joshua. Tonight they will sleep safely in a new home built to care for babies like them.

A Home for Homeless Babies
Watoto Ministries has been saving the lives of children for over 15 years, and we at Joyce Meyer Ministries are honored to work with them to rescue even more children through this new home and an entire village for children and widows in Gulu.

A Brand New Life Full of Love
Here at Baby Watoto Gulu, happy coos and sleepy cries fill the air. It's the sound of life and it is beautiful. You can't help but smile watching toddlers wobbling about the yard, babies splashing in pools of water and rows of babies happily gulping their bottles.

God has a purpose and a future for each of these little ones. He's providing for them—and He's doing it through people like you.

Baby Watoto team leader Annie Duguid says she's grateful to those who are making the home a reality. "It's great to see God's people pulling together and partnering to change lives. It's one of those things you just can't do alone.

"We're happy to be the people here on the ground, picking up babies out of the dirt…but we need people to come alongside us and help us," says Annie. "We're thankful that Joyce Meyer and her team and all her supporters have joined with us to do that."

With an average of about 40 babies with room for more, the future of Baby Watoto is exciting. Many more children will be rescued, and the home will have special wards for premature babies and infants with special medical needs.

Little Patricia and Joshua have a bright future as well. The twins have had a difficult beginning, but what they will remember in the days and years ahead is a childhood filled with love, safety and provision. No longer abandoned, they are free to become Uganda's future leaders, parents or preachers.

And we thank you for being such an integral part of that future.

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.