Bringing Hope and Healing to Bulawayo
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Bringing Hope and Healing to Bulawayo

Poor Economy Creates Need for Medical Care

Over the past few years, the people of Zimbabwe have suffered greatly. Economic turmoil has left many without food, and the unemployment rate has increased to more than 90 percent in many areas. Because of this, many of the doctors in Zimbabwe fled to pursue opportunities elsewhere, making access to health care even more difficult.

Outreach Summary

Medical Patients


Dental Patients




Prescriptions Filled


Tooth Extractions




But recently, Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions, set out to restore hope and healing to Bulawayo by offering free medical care.

A team of 36 volunteers including doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, medical aides and ministry/prayer leaders brought healing and encouragement to the entire Sauerstown community in Bulawayo. Serving from a primary school in the community, hundreds of people lined up to receive much-needed medical care.

On one day of the outreach alone, the teams had cared for 721 patients and 46 dental patients (including 41 tooth extractions). And as their physical needs were being met, 600 people gave their lives to Christ.

More Than Just Medical Attention

At the clinic each patient visited the nurses' station to be examined and have their vitals checked before they were referred to a doctor. If the doctor prescribed medications for them, they waited to pick those up at the on-site pharmacist. And after they were treated, each patient had the chance to hear the Gospel and receive prayer and a book to encourage them in their faith.

The people of Zimbabwe didn't just receive compassion and medical care; they experienced the power of God as well.

Medical clinic patients felt that the opportunity to be treated by a doctor was miraculous enough. But even if they had access to a doctor, many of them would not have been able to afford treatment.

Fortunately, this medical clinic, which our friends and partners help support, has given the people of Zimbabwe free medical care—some with miraculous endings!

"The people of Zimbabwe are among the most peaceful and calm people we've ever worked with," said Ashley Wilkins, R.N., Medical Outreach Coordinator and Team Leader.

"They've made our job so much easier, which allows us to treat more patients throughout the course of the day.

How amazing it was to see such gratefulness in the hearts of these people.

Patients Receive Miraculous Healing

Two of the most grateful patients at the clinic were a married couple who had been trying to have a baby. It seemed like it would never happen until…

Henry and Helen had come to the clinic hoping to find out if there was medicine or treatment available to help them conceive a child. After talking to one of the doctors, the "only" prescription she could give them was prayer.

So the doctor prayed with Henry and Helen, and then felt led to have Helen take a pregnancy test. She took the test and it was positive! Neither Henry nor Helen could contain their joy as they smiled and celebrated the miracle God had done for them.

Nine years of waiting patiently, praying with their pastors, family and friends had finally ended in one of the greatest joy this couple may ever experience.

But that wasn't the only miracle that day.

An elderly woman who'd lost both her sight and her hearing asked for prayer. Miraculously, she received both back as she and her daughter marveled and celebrated what God had done. A grandmother who'd brought her mute grandson for prayer saw him speak his very first word — Jesus.

These supernatural experiences had a dramatic impact on everyone at the clinic.

"The atmosphere has been buzzing," said Teresa Kemp, ministry volunteer from Winter Haven, FL. "The thing I love about Zimbabwe is that the people know their only hope is Jesus and He never fails them."

Hand of Hope is the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is simply to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.