2009 Year in Review
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2009 Year in Review

Feeding Programs

This year we were able to feed more than 55,000 children daily—that's 16,000 more than last year. For only $6 per month, we are able to feed a child at one of more than 300 feeding sites.

Children's Homes

Our partners fully funded more than 40 children's homes around the world—caring for more than 1,100 children daily.


Through Festival of Life conferences in India, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland and Malawi, Joyce shared the Gospel with more than 2 million people. More than 1 million committed their lives to Christ through these conferences. Joyce also spoke to thousands of teenagers and young adults at Creation Fest '09 in Mount Union, Pennsylvania, in June.

Disaster Relief

A disaster-stricken year left many without homes, clean water, food and electricity. Thankfully, our partners enabled us to help immediately after each disaster. From earthquakes to typhoons and flooding to civil unrest, disaster relief was a vital ministry in 2009.

Medical Missions

In 2009, we opened a brand-new, 100-bed hospital in Pursat, Cambodia. We also held medical clinics in India, Cambodia, Malawi, Papua New Guinea and Haiti. In partnership with Love A Child, partners are also helping to fully fund the Jesus Healing Center in Fond Parisien, Haiti.

Our partners also funded a maternity wing in Malawi and 2 new medical wings in Papua New Guinea. And, in partnership with CURE Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi, we are funding 5 clubfoot surgeries every month.

Book Translations

We added 4 new book translations—Tok Pisin in Papua New Guinea, Assamese in Northeast India, Turkmen in Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan.

Joyce's books are now translated into 80 languages. The Enjoying Everyday Life® television program is now airing in Dutch (captions only) in the Netherlands. The program airs on TV and radio in 38 languages.

The Love Revolution Book

Joyce's newest book, The Love Revolution, is a call for all people to get serious about living a life of love in service to others. And because we know that God's message of love is meant for everyone, this book is being translated and distributed in 40 different languages—with many going to some of the most impoverished nations around the world.

Prison Ministry

Prison ministry teams visited more than 210 prisons worldwide, including 13 prisons in Albania—our first time in this country. In all, we distributed gift bags—including hygiene items and a Joyce Meyer book—to more than 150,000 prisoners.

Rescue from Human Trafficking

Joyce Meyer Ministries partnered with the Los Angeles Dream Center, by donating $1 million to the construction of the Joyce Meyer Human Trafficking Shelter in Los Angeles. This shelter has one sole purpose—restoring lives robbed by human trafficking.

St. Louis Dream Center

The Dream Center serves inner-city St. Louis through 37 ministries year-round, including a food pantry, clothing boutique, many children's programs and more.

This summer, 210 families were blessed with enough food for 3 or 4 days through the St. Louis Dream Center's Food Giveaway. In August, the church also distributed backpacks loaded with school supplies. In November, nearly 500 families were blessed with a Thanksgiving meal.

Water Relief

Two new water wells were dug in Tanzania and 3 in Papua New Guinea. To date 343 wells have been dug around the world. Our partners also helped to provide 12 Well of Life projects in India and 250 water filters in Brazil.

New Partnerships

Joyce Meyer Ministries often partners with other organizations that are already located in the areas we are striving to help. With their knowledge of the people and the area, they are able to help us reach so many more.

This year we formed new partnerships with: