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What is geolocation and

what do we use it for?

Geolocation is a tool we use to determine which of our offices services your area by identifying the country from which you are currently accessing our bookstore. If this is not the correct country, just change the location to the country you’re in. For further assistance, contact our office.


Is there a cost to attend a Joyce Meyer conference?
Nope! All Joyce Meyer U.S. conferences are free of charge except the Annual Women's Conference held in St. Louis, Missouri.

Do you have to register for a Joyce Meyer conference, or are tickets required?
There is no registration required, and we do not issue tickets for U.S. conferences. However, registration is required for the Annual Women’s Conference, and some international conferences may be ticketed events.

Can I sign up to be a volunteer?
Absolutely! We are currently recruiting ushers to serve at all of the U.S. conferences. (All volunteers must be at least 16 years old.) Apply now.

How long does each conference session last?
Each session lasts between 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Is childcare provided?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide childcare.

Are newborn babies allowed?
Yes, however you will need to contact the venue regarding a designated place for nursing mothers.

Is there reserved seating?
No, seating is on first come, first seated basis.

How many seats can I save?
Four, including your own, with at least one person present at all times.

Can we leave our things on our seats to save them for the next session?
We don’t recommend leaving your things unattended. Joyce Meyer Ministries is not responsible for and cannot guarantee the safety of your personal property.

Will there be special seating for those in wheelchairs, and can my friends or family sit with me in a reserved section?
There will be a special seating area reserved for those in wheelchairs. Up to two companions may sit with you in that area, in seats labeled Guests of Individual in Wheelchair.

Will there be special seating for the deaf and hard of hearing?
We will have a section with an interpreter for the deaf; however, we will not have section for the hard of hearing, nor for the visually impaired.

Can I meet Joyce or have my picture taken with her?
Although Joyce would love to meet you and accommodate picture requests, because of her busy schedule, as well as the number of attendees, she will be unable to do so. Also, please note that flash photography during the sessions can alter video production and is therefore respectfully prohibited.

Full Conference Schedule

International Events


Joyce easily connects with her conference attendees and TV audience by being open and honest about her personal journey with God.Each conference is recorded for TV so that everyone can enjoy Joyce’s teachings. But there’s so much more going on behind the scenes that our TV audience just won’t see.Hungry for God’s presence, conference goers have plenty of opportunities to connect with Him one-on-one during times of worship throughout the weekend.Sports arenas across the country are temporarily transformed into places of worship, filled with both men and women who want to know God and learn from His Word.Christian artist Phil Wickham is joining us again in 2016 to lead worship at our conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Poignant moments of worship produce beautiful scenes of surrender like this one at each and every conference throughout the year.Joyce’s sense of humor comes across in many of her conference teachings, which helps make hard topics easier to take. Sometimes just a smile makes a difference.Teachable moments with Joyce make her conferences outlast the weekend because so many attendees bring her messages home to apply in their everyday lives.No matter where you sit, you’re going to hear a great message.Joyce delivers an unforgettable message based on Zechariah 9:12, which tells us that we can live worry-free as “prisoners of hope” in Christ.Matt Redman and Christy Nockels leading us in worship.